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Why Many Think Vacmaster Makes The Best HEPA Vacuum


The industrial Vacmaster is considered as the one in a few wet/dry vacuum machines that is certified with HEPA filter. It is said to be the most effective filtration method which can even entrap particles as small as a 0.3 micron size. Though the effect of the small mesh HEPE filter can lower the suction performance of the machine, it is understandable since the air flow that can pass through the filter is lesser. However, It all depends on the individual who prefers HEPA filters with lower suction force or the one without the HEPA filter that can have forceful suction but leaves the smallest particles around.

Why is Vacmaster the best HEPA vacuum?

The Vacmaster is the vacuum that can entrap 0.3 microns of particles making it best hepa vacuum and the best wet/dry vacuum that is available in the market too. Here are more of its features:

  1. Price is below $200 which is just right since the HEPA filtration system is expensive.
  2. Contains an 8 gallon canister that is just right for all the possible particles that will be entrapped.
  3. Blower you can use this instead of vacuuming by just moving the hose from the vacuum port to the exhaust port.
  4. With its caster wheels it improve maneuverability on tight spaces with its larger back wheels making it easy to roll around the carpet when ding interior cleaning.
  5. The accessories are made from durable steel and they have plenty of accessories for more functionality.
  6. Employs a functional cord hang
  7. It is HEPA Certified which makes filtration filter as much as 99.97% of the contaminants and at 0.3 micron in size.

Final Thought

It is understandable why Vacmaster as the best HEPA vacuum with both its functionality and effectiveness in entrapping 99.97$% of contaminants assuring the user that everything is covered for his family. No allergens could pass through with that.