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Is There A Lower Age Limit For Gun Ownership?

To purchase your own gun is as serious a possibility as owning your own home or car, if not more so since what you have in your hands is a lethal weapon. Don’t take this burden lightly or trivially. The U.S. sets a minimum age for firearm ownership as well as drinking alcohol, voting and driving all for the sake of fostering responsible behavior among its citizens. You should be a responsible gun owner who observes the proper rules of gun ownership. The United Sates has minimum age laws to safeguard young adults because they have an elevated risk of engaging in violent behaviors as in the case of school shootings and attempting suicide as the statistics on teenage suicides reveal. We are not going into details about different firearms in this article, you can read this page https://adventurefootstep.com/ar-10-vs-ar-15/ for more information on firearms.

Minimum Age to Purchase & Possess

  • Federal Law: The minimum age to purchase and possess guns ensures that only responsible adults can get them. According to Federal or nationwide laws, there’s a difference between the ages needed to own handguns and long guns such as shotguns and rifles. This law also offers stronger age restrictions for sales by licensed gun sellers in order to further safeguard minors from harm.
  • Minimum Age for Gun Sales and Transfers for Handguns: Licensed firearms dealers may not deliver or sell a handgun or ammo for such to any person that the dealer has just reasons to believe is under 21 years of age. He may not deliver or sell a long gun or ammunition for such to any person he knows or has reasonable doubt to believe is under 18 years of age.
  • Unlicensed Persons and The Sale of Guns: Unlicensed persons may not transfer, deliver or sell a handgun or handgun ammo to anyone that he knows or believes reasonably to be underage or under the age of 18 years old with certain exceptions. They can sell, deliver or transfer a long gun or long gun ammo to a person of any age.

Limited Exceptions for Minimum Gun Possession Age: Federal law forbids the possession of handgun or handgun by anyone under 18 years of age. However, it also provides no minimum age for possessing long gun ammo and long guns themselves. Temporary possession and transfer of handguns and their ammo can be done for hunting, farming, ranching and employment.