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The Best Materials For Spray-In And Brush-In Truck Bed Liners


Trucks are meant to do hauling job not for commercial use but for owner’s use for their business as well as for family activities. It makes the job a lot easier but often due to this hauling activities, truck beds seem to suffer the most as plenty of scratches are going to appear after not to mention the dents and bumps too. As the cargo becomes heavier so will this be apparent after constant use. That is why it is important to choose the right truck bed liner to ensure that it will be protected while at the same time protects the cargo too from shifting or rolling while this is in transit.

How to choose the right bed liner product?

Not all products can be used for rolling, brushing or spray-in, but Custom Coat Black Urethane 4 Liter Bed Liner can be used for any of the above type of application at the discretion of the user. Once it is purchased it is in a spray –in kit which comes complete with everything that you will need to finish the job. Included are the black bed liner base, its custom-coat hardener, and the free application gun. Through its clear instructions the spray job can be done effectively as long as the manufacturer’s is followed. Learn more about products from damntools blog.

Its result

Its custom coat is easy to use and will protect your truck bed from corrosion and rust. Also offers high UV protection. It can also be applied using Schutz gun. All it requires is the addition of the hardener. First shake the bottle then spray. This product is even designed for rolling or brush on too. But commonly spraying this is the best for anyone who is looking for a quality product and at affordable cost.


Not all individuals are good in sprayer and the fact that in spraying you need to have an air compressor in order to do the job. However, with the above product the user will be able to choose the procedure that he believes he is good at.

Do Singapore Electricians Have To Be Licensed?

In everything we do, it pays to be competent and confident in your chosen field of work. Though not all the time that certificates and licenses are needed to prove one’s competence, still it pays to have them as proof of your hard work.

However, licenses are not only used as proof of one’s competence. It can also prove your reliability in the work that you’ll be doing. As such, in most developed countries like Singapore, they require licenses for even the most mundane of jobs. Think about accountability in the long term.

In Singapore, if you want to become an electrician Singapore, you need to become what they call a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW). Take a look at some information regarding LEWs.

What is a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW)?

  • A technically competent person who can carry out electrical works
  • Licensed by the EMA
  • Can carry out the following tasks:
  1. Installation
  2. Maintenance
  3. Operation
  4. Inspection
  5. Testing
  6. Supply of electrical installations

What are the responsibilities of a LEW?

As a licensed electrician in Singapore, one needs to uphold the following responsibilities:

  1. Proper maintenance of electrical installations
  2. Ensures modifications and other electrical work are done in accordance to the code and regulation set by the country.

Licensed Electrical Worker Classes/Grades

  • Electrician
  • Possesses a National Institute of Technical Education Certificate +
  • Less than 2 years practical experience in Singapore or
  • Not less than 10 years in service in Singapore
  • Technician
  • Holds a Diploma major in Electrical Power Engineering  (NP/SP) +
  • Not less than 2 years practical experience in Singapore
  • Engineer
  • Registered professional engineer in Electrical Engineering +
  • Not less than 2 years practical experience in Singapore in Electrical Power Engineering

As you can see, one cannot just declare themselves an electrician in Singapore unless they possess the necessary licenses and experience to fulfill their work competently. With these stringent procedures, rest assured that you’ll only get to work with the best of the best electricians in the world.