Emily Goes Online

Who Is Katy Hearn, Anyway?

Ever wanted to get fit again? You really don’t have to worry how because a lot of good websites are offering fitness programs for a very affordable cost, some even for free! But even if this is the case, you should also be cautious of other sites that seem to be cheap but can actually cost you a great amount of money. Don’t easily use that credit card and buy a plan. Here’s why.

Have you heard about the Katy Hearn Fit Program?
If not, here’s a quick introduction for you. Katy Hearn Fit is a fitness program that you can subscribe to online through their platform which includes workout references, meal plans, training videos, among others. The basic plan includes the trainings and nutrition guide and there’s also the premium plan with additional perks for the subscriber.

For a first-time user, one would think that the price is quite reasonable and affordable than going to the gym regularly. And since payment is done online, you’d actually just do it and avail of the plan!

Why it Quickly Gets Expensive?
Yes, you have already paid for the plan. But be wary because there are additional costs for you because you do have to shell out some extra money for gym membership or all the gym equipment such as weights, yoga mat, and yoga ball needed to do each exercise.

You also need to go to the grocery store and buy expensive ingredients just to follow the meal plans. The nutrition guide is really just a guide and it’s still more costly to cook at home. You’ll be more convinced if you have read some reviews of the program by actual users.

It’s not a scam but surely there are better alternatives to get fir and healthy. All you need is patience and of course, good research.